Since childhood Lori M. Johnson has been pursuing her love of musical excellence as a vocal musician. Lori grew up singing with her mother and siblings in school, choirs, and churches. Lori was faced with great challenges at a young age. When she was only seventeen her mother died of lung cancer. In 1983 Lori's singing career went in remission due to the death of her sister who was also her singing partner. Support from her friends stopped her from completely giving up singing, because she was often asked by her friends to sing at their Bar Mitzvah's and weddings.

After the birth of her children in 1992 and 1993 Lori renewed her commitment to her music career. Friends encouraged her to produce her first CD, A Class Act, which she dedicated to her son and daughter. Her second CD, Like Fine Wine, is ripe with Lori's personality. Her unique musical interpretations shine in each selection. Both of the CDs are distributed through her own music company, Fuzzball Music.

In addition to recording the CDs Lori showcased the newly recorded material at The Troubador, at private parties at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and other prestigious places.

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In June of 1999 she performed at the Cinegrill with her ten-piece band, also known as, "The Men In My Life". Her singing style ranges from renditions of classic jazz standards and swing to covers of oldies' rock songs. Songs like "Blue Moon" and "Crazy" are among the album selections. She feels that her direct and humorous approach to life, as well as her music, serve as the strongest tools for offering listeners an immediate connection with art.

These days Lori is traveling much, often overseas. She also hopes to bring a new show, again to Hollywood (her home base), at the Cinegrill—her favorite singing spot.
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