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alacartoona's stage show is a visual extension of their all-original songbook. utilizing a stripped down ensemble of accordion, bass, drums and the occasional guitar, they bring to life vivid tales of love and loss, of bedrooms and back alleys, of the solitude and the camaraderie of sex, drugs and cabaret.

an alacartoona show is an experience: poignant lyrics, powerful vocals, surprising compositions, all supporting a cast of characters completely convincing in their triumphs and tragedies. no one leaves an alacartoona show unmoved, be it to tears or libidinous conquest. or both.

but words pale in the face of experience. come to the cabaret and see for yourself...

the kansas city star: "willkommen to the wild side"
"the sound of alacartoona jumps around the big music buffet: gypsy-folk and folk-rock and show-tune pop and lounge jazz and free-form jazz, all performed by a quartet that is so portable and organic it could stage itself on a street corner if it wanted."

kc stage: "alacartoona pours on the sauce"
"the players commit to the style and concept with passion and dedication, which boosts the act from a mere band to a true theatrical experience."

folk101 - "alacartoona week"
"these characters shine not only because of the indefatigable energy of their creators, but also because they spring to life against a background of impeccable musicianship."

Known events for alacartoona:
20-Sep-2008 - Plaza Art Fair
25-Sep-2008 - jardine’s
27-Sep-2008 -
oktoberfest 2008 at Crown Center
28-Sep-2008 -
oktoberfest 2008 at Crown Center

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