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MISSION STATEMENT: We believe in the formation of a culturally diverse, open and vibrant society in Hong Kong as it transforms from a British colony into a major city of China. We believe that the arts have a vital role to play in this transformation, and that the meaning, ideas and emotional responses they create can define a community. We believe that it is important for the arts to reach out to all sectors and to cross over with other disciplines in order to be relevant to our society.

Motivated by these beliefs, we create an environment where artists can make and show their work. In this environment we stress the importance of the principles of open access and freedom of creation. We extend open access to all artforms, practised by artists of all nationalities. We actively provide opportunities and support for them to interact in a meaningful way with our community.

2 Lower Albert Road, Central

Known events scheduled at Fringe Club:
  05-Jul-2007 - BloOmsbury Group International
  05-Jul-2007 - Amparo Sietereales
  06-Jul-2007 - BloOmsbury Group International
  06-Jul-2007 - Amparo Sietereales
  07-Jul-2007 - BloOmsbury Group International
  07-Jul-2007 - BloOmsbury Group International
  07-Jul-2007 - Amparo Sietereales
  07-Jul-2007 - Amparo Sietereales

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